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Bildiri Çağrısı

Eastern Mediterranean University   

Center for Women's Studies 

 International Geography Union

Comission on Gender and Geography

7th International Conference on Gender Studies

Gender, Space, Place & Culture




The 7th International Conference on Gender Studies will be held in Famagusta, North Cyprus on 10-12 October, 2019 by the Center for Women's Studies of the Eastern Mediterranean University. The goal of the conference is to provide a place for scholars, experts, professionals and activists with interdisciplinary backgrounds related to gender and space relations to exchange new ideas and latest researches. We seek to create a ground to examine relations between various disciplines such as urban planning, architecture, politics, gender and women’s studies, anthropology, environmental studies, sociology, and history.

One of the earliest findings of feminist geographers is how gender relations varied and altered through space (Massey, 1994). Feminist academics and researchers who study on gender and space aim to examine and reveal the latent mutual constitution between gender discrimination and space segregation (Dias ve Blecha, 2008). Spatial relations are constitutive parts of social life; the spatial concepts and approaches developed by feminists would provide new insights and perspectives for various disciplines. So, looking at the mutual constitution between gender and space would also provide new ideas on the current changes in social sciences.

In North Cyprus and Turkey, although there is a limited number of studies entitled itself in the category of feminist geography, in recent years there is an increasing interest focusing and examining gender and space relations by various disciplines, such as gender and women’s studies, political science, sociology, anthropology, history. Increasing numbers of articles and graduate degree dissertations, which based on peculiar field studies, display the specialty on gender space relations.

Researchers and activists at all stages of their careers are that are interested in presenting papers engage with discussions on current and emerging theoretical or methodological innovations on gender and space studies. We aim to promote intergenerational and intersectional dialogues among feminist scholars, researchers, and activists around the theme of practicing gender and space. 

The conference will aim to explore, but not limited to, following themes:
* Exploring Feminist Geographies: Theories, Methods and Strategies
* Gender and the City: Feminist Analyses of Urban Space
* Gendered Spaces of the Public and Private: Negotiations and Boundaries
* Gender and Workplace: Spatial Analyses of Work
* Gender and Changing Meanings of Home
* Neoliberalism, Gender, Spaces of Power and Resistance
* Gender and New Geographies of Inequality: Gentrification, Urban Renewal and Housing
* Gender, Development and Rural Geographies
* Geographies of Gender, Migration and Transnational Spaces
* Gendered Geographies of Displacement and Dislocation
* Gender, Place and Memory
* Religion, Space and Place: Doing Feminist Geographies of Religion
* Emotional Geographies: Body, Sense and Space
* Gender, Body and Spaces of Disability
* Queer Spaces and Geographies of Sexualities
* Spaces of Masculinities and Manhood
* Representations of Gendered Spaces in Literature and the Visual Arts

Due to the international nature of the conference only abstracts written in English will be accepted for review. However presenters can choose to present their papers in English or Turkish.

Submissions are subject to blind peer review at every stage.  Papers without gender perspective will be rejected.
Abstracts and papers will be accessible to all participants on the conference website once the complete program is set.

Please send your abstracts (not more than 250 words) through e-mail;

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.