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Publication Opportunities

  • The submitted abstracts receive approval or refusal after passing through the blind peer review process.

  • Approved articles are included in the booklet as a abstract book. This book is published on the website before the conference and is distributed to the participants on the conference day.

  • If the authors do not request the opposit, all articles presented at the conference automatically published in the conference proceedings book.

  • After the conference, the conference proceedings book printed with the ISSN number is sent to all authors.

  • For those who doesnt want to publish their article on proceedings book,  they can apply for referee process for the publication in the journal of our university which is called Kadın/Woman2000 Journal for women's studies.  

  • Authors should choose one of these two options, and if the article is to be requested to enter the journal process, the committee should be informed before the publication of the conference proceedings book.